Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Jacket Modification

I came across this vintage Paul Stuart jacket recently.  The bold check pattern of the fabric is unusual and I really found it delightful.  However, the button stance felt a bit off to my eye.  In order to update this jacket, I added an additional button hole and re-aligned the buttons to give it a more current feel.  Below I’ve documented the easy process.

The jacket as I originally had it.

Removing the buttons.  It was interesting the realize that the non-functional buttons were attached with a very robust synthetic thread.  It took quite a bit of wrangling with a seam ripper to free the buttons.

It was interesting to see the red alignment mark used to place the buttons in the factory.

And, a quick trip to the button hole machine and stitching the buttons into their new position resulted in a more flattering cut.