Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Great vintage design feature

I really love vintage clothes and the design features that are often built into the garments.

Below is a great example of this:

I have a pair of WW2 Navy trousers.  They are made out of a great, thick wool with wonderful button details and a flattering overall silhouette. They have a hidden pleat that runs down only one side of the back hip.  It was added into the design so a sailor could let out the waist of his trousers without needing anything more than a pocket knife.  It was unlikely a sailor would have time, especially on the high seas, to locate a tailor that could let out a traditional center waist and re-sew the trousers.

Here’s a quick documentation of me opening up this hidden seam.

The back on the trousers.

The inside of the trousers with the seam still sewn shut.

The seam opened up with a seam ripper.  I had to steam out these creases, as they haven’t budged in over 60 years.