Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Assorted projects

Earlier I mentioned working on some armband recreations for an event in Reading, PA.

Below are the iPhone snapshots I took as I worked on them.

I used basic muslin as I thought it was accurate to the look of real ones and tried to make them look a bit rough and handmade as the original ones were.

The process:




These are some quick bag sketches I did for Nike.  These sketches are inspired by vintage German children’s school backpacks and the gear made by Boblbee.

I found this old picture of me on an external hard drive.  At the time this picture was taken, I was toying with the idea of environmental graffiti:  How could the environment be tweaked so as to leave a mark?  When this jet plane flew overhead, I stood up, held my hand up, and asked my friend to take a picture of me drawing the sky.  Below is the result.

Another birthday card was needed and I came up with a quick sketch for the birthday boy’s card.

This is another envelope sketch.  Apparently ‘Steve Perrell’ is someone whose name I jotted down, but I don’t recall why or what for.

I am not sure how I was elected, but I somehow became the guy who makes the birthday cards for all of my colleagues.

Here’s the result.  The whole bag-on-the-knees, pigeon-toe’d thing is an inside joke with the birthday girl!

I am working with adding color to some hand sketches using Photoshop.  These are some of the first tests.

I am doing some online research into armbands worn by French Resistance fighters during WW2.

I found these images online and am working to create a pattern and sew a few of these for Reading, PA this coming summer.

I went by the Nautica Fall’12 presentation during NYFW.  It was a bustling energetic crowd.  I took a few snapshots of the models wearing some of the eyewear I designed.  It was a fun event and a nice way to see my products on display.


I created the uniform with an authentic red wool ‘onesie’ swimsuit (which was really hard to find) and modern pants that I had hemmed into the short trunks seen in these photographs.

The detailing was hand stitched on, and I tried to match the uniform accurately, but decided against ‘antique-ing’ the finished piece.

I wanted to recreate his look for the Jazz Age lawn Party here in NY, and began a fun research project.  The Ocean City Historical Museum was a great source for seeing actual gear from that era.

My grandfather – and namesake – was a lifeguard at the beaches in Ocean City, NJ back in the 1920’s.  The above pictures show him in his uniform.  The red tint was added by the photographers of that time, but it was the color of their suits.

…..and ultimately decided on a collegiate placement.  (You’d be amazed at how hard it is to find letters in that font at that scale.

I sketched out some ideas of how the letters of my last name “GALE” should look in the sweatshirt.

Older sporting imagery really inspires me – particularly the team badges, logos, and insignia.  I wanted to create something for me to wear that reflected these embellishments.

Just some loose fashion sketches.  Daywear, eveningwear, 192o’s sportswear (oxford bags)

I oftentimes sketch on the backs of envelopes when having a conversation on the phone.  These are some of the recent ‘conversations’ I’ve had.

I was doing variations on J.C. Leyendecker’s work in order to practice how he put down a bold line.  Of course he was using oil paints and I am using water colors, but laying down a solid contrasting line was a good thing for me to practice.  (Note the left figure’s cheek shadow.)

I was thinking more about summer suiting and formalwear recently.  This is probably because I have to bundle up these days when I go out to dressier events.

I was thinking it would be neat to contrast exotic animal skins (faux, of course) in a formal ensembles with these wild slippers.